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Tabletop Tempest

Mission:"If you're sitting at my table, either we all eat, or none of us do."

Tabletop Tempest is a TTRPG actual play channel that is founded by immigrants/children of immigrants. All three Founders are POCs and represent various cultures (Brazilian, Japanese, Korean, and Mexican). We represent an array of qualities that are not represented in Actual Plays enough, such as voices from queer/LGBTQ+, disabled, gender-diverse, and neurodivergent communities.

We have created this channel in order to provide a community that explores TTRPGs from unique lenses, with games ranging from high-fantasy and horror, to sci-fi and folklore-based narratives.

The Founders value channel diversity in both their storytelling, the community, and its mission. We seek to capture both visible and non-visible types of diversity, and celebrate the intersectionality of our players and community members by providing a forum for expressing their unique identities.

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Core Values

Tabletop Tempest believes that in order for one of us to succeed, all of us must succeed. This is evident in our core value pillars.


We value community to create art. We strive to partner with marginalized communities for paid opportunities, and therefore seek sponsors for meaningful collaborations. It not only takes a village, but it takes consistent and committed action to ensure community is engaged.


We believe diversity and inclusion are pivotal to tell stories related to our pasts, and what we want for future generations in the industry. We aim to cast artists (performers, cast, crew, graphic designers, etc.) who bring visible and non-visible diversity to projects.

Upcoming Actual Plays

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